How much one can learn in two months' time

I feel that learning and sharing is what keeps me alive.
I had never learned as much as I did during the two months of 2013 summer holidays. This sounds like a perfect opening sentence of my brand-new blog, and it's true.
In June 2013, when I joined Twitter, I didn’t even know what a tweet was. It took me hours to find a way through the maze. It took me days to realize that I don’t have to read every tweet and follow everybody. And then Nikki Fortova asked me if I was a member of #czelt on Facebook. So I joined my first ELT community. It was amazing; people I had never met before replied to my questions and liked my comments. Then I somehow found out about #eltpics – a wonderful project that took my breath away. I started sharing photos. And it felt great. I got addicted; I took my camera everywhere with me not to miss an interesting moment. My family went crazy. Then I found out that everybody was blogging and I thought: "Well, I could also have a blog!" So I started blogging. I turned my first blog into a learning & teaching resource. Then I decided I could have a related blog with practical tips for teachers. I started tweeting to promote my blogs. I got some views - mainly from my family and friends :-) - and it kept me adding material. It was on Twitter where I found out about this project called The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators. I watched an interview with Vicky Loras. She was interviewed by Shelly S. Terrell. They were both so lively and enthusiastic that I decided to join the Facebook group. And here I am waiting for all the new challenges ...I can hardly believe that this all started only two months ago; it feels like ages.