Why do I teach? - A list of my negative character traits

A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.
I've recently come across an interesting post by Sylvia Guinan called Why Do Teachers Teach? I decided to ask myself the question too: Why do I teach?
  1. Because I'm selfish. I like to do things that satisfy me - and teaching satisfies me. And I have to learn to be able to teach, and learning new things satisfies me too.
  2. Because I'm lazy and I love spending two months doing nothing (just connecting with enthusiastic educators all over the world, sharing photos for future educational purposes, learning new things online)
  3. Because I'm childish. I love playing games and I like to pretend that I'm the winner.
  4. Because I'm impulsive - I have the power to incite and I believe the best lessons often result from impulse.
  5. Because I'm unpredictable. If a good idea springs to mind, I change my plan in the course of the lesson. I guess I couldn't be a pilot.
  6. Because I'm impatient and I want the response and feedback NOW, right at the moment, from the kids (their laughter, smile, happy facial expression).
  7. Because I'm restless. I hate being in the doldrums for too long and teaching is so varied.
  8. Because I'm cunning and I know how to make my students love English and the lessons.
  9. Because I'm gullible and I believe all people are good.
  10. Because I'm obstinate and if I feel something might work with my students, I go for it.