How to make a Halloween mini golf course

Every year our school organizes Halloween workshops for small kids from other schools to attend. We prepare various games and competitions and the participants can win small prizes. The students preparing the workshops work in heterogeneous groups - each group consists of kids of different ages and levels of proficiency. It's fun but also demanding because the teachers have to come up with something new each year. As this is a low budget event, my colleagues and I do our best to invent interesting ideas that cost little money. This year a group of my students made Halloween mini golf course.

First of all, we needed a couple of shoe boxes and other boxes of various shapes, which I had collected from my extended family members and friends. The kids then made the boxes into various shapes (obstacles such as tunnels/tubes, ramps) and cut holes in them. 

In addition, apart from the obvious things (scissors, glue sticks, rulers, and markers), we needed a lot of black crepe paper, and magazine pictures of Halloween images (monsters, ghosts, spiders, witches). We covered the boxes with black paper and put on some Halloween decorations. My little son lent me his plastic golf clubs and balls, which we also covered with black crepe paper.
Finally, to make the golf alleys, we used a big role of white paper, which we cut into strips of approximately the same length (of about 1.5m). The kids used black markers and drew Halloween symbols on them. They tagged each of the ten alleys with a number.

Here comes a little bit of testing before the installation.

And the mini golf course is ready. All you need is enough space to squeeze in all the alleys and kids in Halloween costumes can start playing. The players take down their scores in grids similar to those used in real miniature golf. But that'll come tomorrow. I can't wait to see all the scary happy faces!