Thank you, teachers!

It's 5 October - The Teacher's Day. Could there be a better time to accomplish this goal? I suggest that we celebrate and use this opportunity to come up with a couple of positive statements about the role of a teacher in education.
I have three children who have gone through different stages of education system in the Czech Republic so not only do I have my own experience as a former student; I can also step aside and share my observations as a parent.
First of all, based on my observations, I'd like to thank all pre-school teachers. I simply and honestly admire them; I admire their patience, and above all their noise tolerance level. I'm grateful that they can make life enjoyable for those little people who have to leave their beloved mum and dad every morning. Furthermore, I'd like to thank them

1.      for making the kids' days in pre-school memorable and fun
2.      for creating opportunities for kids to love learning and exploring
3.      for allowing kids to create the most beautiful works of art in the world
4.      for helping them establish their first social contacts.
Secondly, hats off to all elementary teachers, whose job is to teach kids everything from scratch: how to write, read and count. Having to teach small kids the basics of the knowledge of the world is an incredibly important mission. In addition, elementary teachers have to cope with mixed-ability classes and far too often with very large numbers of pupils in their classes. They are expected to be patient and kind but consistent. They need to choose every word carefully because humiliation and failure may influence kids for the rest of their lives.
Thirdly, I'd like to thank all secondary school teachers, whose task is to expand students' basic knowledge in an interesting and engaging way. I'd like to thank them for

1.      having studied hard to get their qualification
2.      widening their professional horizons all the time
3.      doing a qualified job for very little money
4.      being passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge
Then I'd like to express my gratitude to university teachers who have devoted their lives to studying and exploring a subject and now they feel the urge to share their vast knowledge with their students. They never stop motivating others and passing on their own passion. They help to create a generation of future scientists, doctors, archaeologists, historians, poets, directors, musicians, etc.
I'd also like to thank teacher trainers who, by sharing knowledge and experience, help future teachers to become more confident, resourceful and effective instructors.
Finally, I'd like to thank all the people who are not teachers but also educate (various assistants, school counselors, after school care employees, etc). Without them education would not be possible, or it would be incomplete. I'd simply like to thank those who help other people become better, more qualified, educated and/or skilful; I mean all the people who are out there to share what they find relevant, thought-provoking and interesting - people like YOU.