11 Random Facts - Cristina's Questions

They say that the third time's the charm. It means that the third time you try to do something, it will work. But this is actually not an appropriate saying for this occasion because things worked for the first and second time as well as I believe they will work now. What am I talking about? I've been tagged for the third time by my lovely friend Cristina Monteiro Silva in this amazing game called Eleven. I've previously been tagged by Shelly Terrell and Debbie Tebovich, my friends and compatriots, and I was excited to answer their questions. I thought that the game was over then but I was wrong. Here comes Cristina and her post, at this lovely time of year, with another set of questions, and I'm so enthusiastic about answering them.

1. What was the best moment in your life?
I've actually had three best moments in my life because I've got three kids. Yes, I felt the happiest when my sons were born.
2. Do you expect much of people?
Not really. I don't think it's wise. If you expect too much, you might be disappointed. This idea is beautifully summarized in my favourite film based on my favourite novel by Somerset Maugham The Painted Veil.
3. How many true friends do you have?
A couple, I'd say. Not more than fingers on one hand. But here the quality is more important that quantity.
4. What do you do when you need to have YOUR moment?
I take my Tarot deck or I have a hot bath where I can contemplate peacefully.
5. What is the film of your life?
I really loved The English Patient because there are all the emotions one can think of. It's about passion, sacrifice, love, pain, anger, and the need to possess a person, which finally turns out to be so devastating.
6. When was the last time you slept 10h? NB question not suitable for Shelly :)
On holidays I sometimes do. I'm the person who needs to sleep for 8 hours on a school day, or at least I think so. Otherwise I'd be totally useless.
7. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
I clean the kitchen a little, I drink a glass of water and make myself a cup of coffee. Then I switch on my laptop and check all the FB notifications. If I don't forget, I have something to eat.
8. Which historical character would you like to meet if you had that chance?
I'd like to meet someone who's considered a hero now and I'd like to get to know them with all their strengths and weaknesses. I'd like to see what personal battles they had to fight apart from doing the great things they once did - for example Václav Havel, our former president, who's listed among the 100 Greates Heroes who changed the world.
9. An embarrassing moment in your life was…

When I danced with my son wearing high heels and my feet slipped. It must have looked funny because it was a formal event and everybody was supposed to behave decently :-)
10. When did you last burst out laughing and couldn’t stop?
It was when my colleague and I wanted to check a serious website and when we clicked on it something really unexpected popped up.

11. City or countryside?  
I love countryside but I also love cafés, supermarkets and busy town squares. So countryside but somewhere near the city.