11 Random Facts - Debbie's questions

I feel really flattered that Débora Tebovich tagged me for the second time in this fun game. I've aready given 11 Random Facts about me in my previous post, in which I responded to Shelly Terrell. Here are my answers to Debbie's thought-provoking questions. If you are a visual learning type, check the following link out first. I wanted to show that anyone can participate in this challenge, even though they don't have their own blog:

1. How often do you feel exposed to dilemmas as an Educator? How do you work them out?
Honestly, quite often. For example, whenever a student of mine does badly in a test I have to decide whether to give him or her a second chance. I usually do.

2. What plants and flowers do you have at home?
I don't have green fingers. The only plants that survive in my presence are cacti or some really tough plants. However, every year at this time I buy a red Christmas Star (Poinsettia Plant). I love roses and wild flowers in general.

3. Have you ever got stuck in an elevator?
No and honestly, as I'm really afraid of being in confined spaces, this would be a disaster for me.

4. What is that lovely childhood memory that comes to you every once in a while?

I often think of my stays at my grandmother's place. I used to go there in the holidays. It was so quiet and peaceful there - just me and the books which I would to read in the garden.

5. If English is not your mother tongue, do you ever need to read subtitles when you watch a movie in English?
Oh yes. And they can be really distracting (even the English ones). That's why I prefer switching them off.

6. What makes you laugh? When a student makes a really good and clever joke in the class; something that comes naturally out from the lesson.

7. If you could spend a year focusing on research, what would you research? Why? I’d observe and measure the effects of parents’ reading to their small kids. I find it very important for the development of their mother tongue and later for the ability to learn foreign languages.

8. How do you keep track of your digital files? I don't have many digital files at the moment. To be honest, I face trouble whenever I have to sort things out (even in the material world). I'm bad at making categories. But I'm getting better.

9. When was the last time you danced? Last week. My son had his final standard dance class and all parents were invited.

10. Who do you admire and why? I admire my husband, who is very patient and calm and never gets excited. He's never bored even when he has nothing to do.

11. Are you good at setting goals? Do you follow a certain process to set your goals? I'm a very intuitive person; and not a very disciplined one, but if I decide to achieve something, I go for it. I don't follow any conscious procedure; I just see the goal in front of me and RUN! :-)