11 Random Facts - Fabiana's Questions

Here we go again! My virtual friend and an extraordinary Argentinean educator Fabiana Casella tagged me in her 11 Random Facts post and left me some interesting questions to answer. I haven't known Fabiana for long but it feels like ages. She's the one who's always been tremendously supportive; she frequently leaves encouraging comments on my blog and a little heads-up from Fabiana on Facebook always makes my day. But she's also highly active in social media and she is an excellent example to follow - whenever she comes across a challenge, she goes for it. For all these reasons I'm really excited to have a chance to devote one of my blog posts to Fabiana.
1.      What are three adjectives that describe you best? Witty, emotional and spontaneous. That's how I see myself (or would like to) ...

2.      Who is someone you admire the most? Why? For some unknown reason, I admire people who are diametrically opposed to me - my opposite personal types, so to speak, i.e. serious, calm and rational. By observing those people in various situations I learn a lot from them, which helps me reconsider and reevaluate.

3.      What is your favorite color? Why? Burgundy red. It's a dark, deep and soft shade of red, which to me represents energy, passion and creativity. I suppose I like it because it suits my character (and my complexion type, to be completely honest :-). 

4.      Where would you like to spend your dream vacation? Somewhere rural, for example in the mountains of Nepal or Tibet. As I love walking, I'd love to stay in a place where there are lots of forests and footpaths.
5.      Are you a good cook? What is your "speciality"? I'm an average cook. I rarely use recipes or follow instructions; I like to experiment, even though my experiments don't always work the way I wish. I like to make cakes which don't need to be baked in the oven.


6.      Have you ever met a Hollywood star? Where? How? A couple of years ago, I met Tom Cruise - or rather his wax model in Madame Tussauds, London :-)

7.      The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? The Beatles, definitely. Because All you need is love and love is all you need ...

8.      Can you Tango? or better said: Can you dance Tango? Passively, yes. I learnt it once but I haven't done it since. But believe that, like swimming, you can never completely forget how to dance. You just need a partner who leads you. By the way, I love to watch people dance tango.

9.      Have you ever eaten some exotic food? Nothing worth mentioning. But I do like tasting new things.

10.  Do you think you are a connected educator? Definitely. This blog post proves it, I guess. And I think I'm becoming a better (connected) educator and a better teacher thanks to people like Fabiana.

11.  If you were ever offered to teach in a foreign country, which one would you choose? I'd like to teach in Sweden. Swedish children are said to learn English very easily, probably due to certain similarities between the two Germanic languages, so I think I might be able to focus on different aspects of methodology when teaching students for whom learning another language is a piece of cake. Also, Sweden is known for its highly efficient system of education. 
Thank you Fabiana! :-)