Come on in ... #ELTworkplaces

I'm really glad I've finally got to this wonderful project called ELTworkplaces invented and launched by Anna Loseva. Anna calls the idea of sharing photos of workplaces of EFL teachers from all around the world unimaginative. I think it's awesome. I think it's cool to get the opportunity to peek into places and spaces of people you've known for some time but haven't been able to visit and meet in person. For example, I was thrilled and genuinely interested to see where Mike Griffin works. It was almost like being there in Korea. This time I'd like to invite you, my virtual friends. Come on in and be my guests for a while. Enjoy your imaginary coffee/tea I've prepared with love.

My office is spacious and light. In fact, it's one of the biggest rooms in the building, and my colleagues never forget to mention it upon entering. But the space is not used functionally; there is almost no furniture so if I want to store files and books, I need to place them in paper boxes or just lay them down on the floor. But more cabinets and shelves are coming soon.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm not alone in the office. I share it with my wonderful colleague. It was her patience and persistence which finally earned us this luxury. She would press and push (gently) until the boss said "all right then, it's yours!"

This is our desk (in fact, a set of three shabby desks pushed together). As they're always covered with stuff, their woeful condition remains our secret. My colleague and I face each other, which is great except that it's hard to concentrate on correcting and filling in forms if one is gossiping. My colleague has a splendid, huge, leather swivel chair. I sit on a small, upholstered one. Don't look for signs of inequality here; her chair is actually a second-hand one, and I think it was her fantastic husband who got it for her. I need to work on this. 

This is the best part - the huge upholstered couch which can accommodate up to five people in a sitting position (tested and proved). And if you happen to have a headache, you can imagine it's the greatest thing ever. Again, this piece of furniture is one of my colleague's greatest achievements. I'm thankful. 

The view is not bad either. Our office is on the second floor (no lift). One of the four windows faces the church and a couple of historical buildings.  You can watch students coming and leaving, and if you are 'lucky', you can even spot some smoking.  

And finally, this is the message board with lists of phone numbers and birthdays, and a photo of one of our ELT role models. Whenever we feel depressed or stuck in a rut, we always turn to George's reassuring and soulful look. 

Thanks for visiting. It was a pleasure for me to have you here.