Using self-made videos in class

I'd like to share a nice way of working with videos in the L2 classroom. You can obviously ask your students to watch a video on YouTube, for example, but it's more creative, motivating and fun to make your own video in class and work with it later on. So, last Thursday we recorded a role play of a story called The Tailor of Swaffham we had previously read in the coursebook. The kids I worked with were a group of 12-year-olds. We did a couple of rehearsals and in the end we shot the final version, let’s call it Take 1, which was about 4 minutes long. I used my low-tech Nokia phone so the quality of the video was not exactly stunning, but it was OK for the purpose of the activity. 

At home I uploaded the video to my private YouTube channel. In the next lesson, I played the video back and I asked my students the following questions. 

1) What did you like about the video - the acting, camera, sound, etc?
2) Is there anything we should work on? 

The students came up with lots of interesting ideas for improvement, such as:  

We put the points on the board one by one. The discussion was obviously all in English (the language the kids used was a bit less complex though). The aim of the discussion was 1) to practise specific language points and 2) to find as many ways of improving our video as possible. We were planning to do Take 2 (which we finally did) and we wanted to make it better than Take 1. So while recording the follow-up version, we kept all the above mentioned problems in mind. Eventually, we felt that the outcome was far better than the first version, but we’ll see when we watch Take 2 together next time we meet. And as good things come in threes, I hope to do Take 3!